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Points to Consider When Choosing Boarding House Furniture

Tecomak Furniture Solutions are experts at designing and installing boarding house furniture, as well as furnishings for hotels, B&Bs, guest houses and hostels of all kinds. We combine industry knowledge with appealing design to produce solutions providing customers with comfort and reliability. Our range is contemporary, cost-effective and built to last.

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Boarding House Furniture Requirements
There are various requirements to consider when choosing furniture for guesthouses, school boarding houses and university or college halls of residence. Here we will look at some of the key points to consider.

Durability – Boarding houses may be working on lower margins than other types of hotel and owners need to know their investment will last, perhaps for decades. This means quality is an essential consideration. Buying cheaply made furniture might seem to save money in the very short term, but is a poor investment, as such items will quickly wear out and need to be replaced.

Space – Careful space planning is often needed to get in all required fittings into a room, for instance in the case of dormitory furniture, or with a small student bedroom which needs to include a desk and other equipment as well as a bed. The same space considerations are likely to apply elsewhere in the building, for instance in the reception area, sitting and eating areas and kitchen facilities.

Regulations – There are various rules affecting furniture in public spaces, including fire safety regulations. Even where there are no specific legal requirements, it is important that all kinds of boarding house furniture comply with the highest safety standards, to provide peace of mind to all concerned.

Design Appeal – Furniture in a hostel or similar establishment is likely to be in constant use and so needs to be functional, but that does not have to mean that it should be boring or depressing. Combining practicality with simple but great design is key to creating hotel furniture which will have a wide appeal. This is obviously important for boarding houses intended for occupation by students; but it is also commercially essential for guesthouses, to attract better rates and make visitors feel comfortable and welcomed.

Not Just Furniture – As well as beds, chairs and tables, more is needed to make a space work in a boarding house. Other elements which need thinking about include utilities such as power and lighting. The layout of these needs to be carefully considered, for instance to ensure that everyone using the space can have access to technology and networking as required.

How Tecomak Furniture Solutions can Help
Tecomak Furniture Solutions addresses all these points, and provides an all-encompassing service. We pride ourselves on manufacturing and supplying quality hotel and school bedroom furniture which is built to give great service for many years to come, and meets all the specific requirements for these sectors.

Lasting Qualities – Our furniture is all manufactured from modern materials and created to stand up to daily use. It will obviously be necessary to replace mattresses more quickly in boarding houses than in some other types of establishment. However, other items, such as desks, chairs and tables, can be expected to last for much longer.

Layout – To help you to make the most of the space you have available, we will take time to visualise how each room and area should best be laid out, using all our expertise in space planning. After an initial briefing meeting, we will create both 2D and 3D designs of how the finished area will look. We can also provide space-saving hotel bedroom furniture which combines a number of functions, for instance with a unit combining a desk, wardrobe and bed.

Compliance – Tecomak have many years of experience of designing and manufacturing boarding house furniture. All our work is fully compliant with relevant regulations, including CRIB 5 for upholstery, and not forgetting any electrical installations, which will be carried out to NECEIC standards. We can advise on choice of furniture and equipment which is suitable from a health and safety standpoint.

Style – Choice of modern materials and colours can give an up to date and cheerful, attractive result, while still keeping within budget. For instance, Tecomak's range of school bedroom furniture features bright colours and clean lines which can be shaped to fit the specific room and make the most of any particular features, such as alcoves.

One Stop Supplier – Tecomak can project manage the whole installation, including stripping out old fittings and materials. Our service also includes space planning, designing and installing the new boarding house furniture and carrying out all utilities work. This means you will have a single contractor to deal with and will simplify the whole process of refitting your boarding house, since you will not have to deal with different trades and arrange when they need to be on site.

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